Founded in 1947, Barry Avenue Plating Co., Inc. has been consistent with product quality and customer satisfaction. For 72 years, Barry Avenue Plating has been known around the world for its quality, engineering, and delivery of excellent service. We handle projects that are completed on time and at competitive prices. There is truly no job too big or too small for our experienced and hardworking team.

Barry Avenue Plating Co., Inc. has been named one of the “Top Shops” of 2016 in the US by Product Finishing magazine. Our dedicated engineers are ready to develop and assist with our customers’ projects, no mater how challenging. The fields we serve include, but are not limited to aerospace, commercial and military planes, medical, electronic and automotive industries. We are committed to delivering products of the highest possible levels of quality as well as exceptional service. We strive to continually improve our company, our relationships with our customers and the community. We are incredibly proud of our employees and consider them all key players in the organization.